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Attack On Titan Chapter 113 Spoilers – The Battle Of The Strongest

Attack On Titan Chapter 113

Attack On Titan chapter 113 will be a chapter full of action. A battle between the world’s strongest soldier and the world’s strongest titan will happen, as expected, in this chapter. Will we find out who is the victorious one in this chapter? What will happen to the 104th Survey Corps members now that Eren is not the soldier he used to be?

According to Twitter user @OrganicDinosaur, the title for Attack on Titan chapter 113 is called “Violent,” with the alternate kanji reading of “Ruthless.” As expected, Levi and Zeke will be having a great battle against each other in the forest. Levi was able to cut the Titans easily, given that he has the advantage of the tall forest trees in the area. A battle with the most elite members of Marley and Paradis is one of the most anticipated scenes in the whole series. Will we get to see the outcome in the next chapter? The answer is, of course… kind of.

After Levi waltzed into his comrade’s necks and killed them, he managed to subdue Zeke and torture him. Levi will tell Zeke “You treaded on the lives of my subordinates. All according to your plan. Even being covered in vomit and shit, while screaming. Is this all according to your plan? This is said while Levi is cutting multiple fillets of Zeke’s muscles from his toe to his knees. Apparently, Zeke will have enough of it and will turn into a titan, throwing the head of Levi’s titanized subordinates.

Having underestimated Levi and expecting him to not fight his comrades, Zeke returned to his human form and escaped using two titans. However, Levi will chase them, forcing Zeke to titanize again. Meanwhile, Floche and the other who believes in the Yaeger factions are forcing the 109th soldiers to follow them. With the 104th soldiers and the rest of the MP execs in prison (with other titanized), will someone stop Eren and Zeke? That’s it for Attack on Titan chapter 113. Stay tuned for more chapters.