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Pokemon (2019) – Pocket Monsters Episode 8: Streaming, and Time

Pokemon (2019) Pocket Monsters Episode 8
Pokemon (2019) Pocket Monsters Episode 8 Preview Still

We are already seven episodes deep in the Pokemon Season 23, which is also known as Pocket Monsters or Pokemon (2019). In this post, we are going to be talking about Pokemon (2019) Episode 8 streaming, preview, and time. Before we begin, I would like you to know that this post contains spoilers.

When is Pokemon (2019) Pocket Monsters Episode 8 update?

Pokemon (2019) is produced by OLM Studios. Last month, on December 29, 2019, the anime aired its seventh episode, and this month, on January 12, 2020, they will be airing the 8th episode. The anime airs its new episodes every Sunday at 6:00 PM JST in Japan. The episode has a runtime of a total of 23 minutes.

Pokemon (2019) Episode 8 (English Subbed)

Where to watch Pokemon (2019) Episode 8 in English sub and Dub?

Pokemon (2019) falls under the Action, Fantasy, and Kids genre. You will be able to watch Pokemon (2019) Episode 8 live on TV on TV Tokyo if you are in Japan, if not, don’t worry, we have got you covered. Now, coming to the streaming details, you will be able to watch Pokemon (2019) Episode 8 online on unofficial platforms only as there are no official platforms that allow you to watch Pocket Monsters Episode 8 online.

If you do find a way to watch it officially, then please support the official release, as this will help the anime industry. Pokemon (2019) Episode 8 is not available for download on any of the official platforms.

What the Pokemon (2019) about?

In case you don’t know what the anime is about, let us explain the anime plot for you. This is the 23rd season of Pokemon, and it is titled Pocket Monsters. The anime follows the first adventures of our protagonist, Ash Ketchum, and a new protagonist Gou as they travel across all eight regions of the Pokémon Universe.