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Index of Servant Season 1 With Episode Schedule And Streaming

Index of Servant Season 1

In this post, we are going to talk about index of Servant season 1 with episode schedule and streaming details. The show has even released its season finale episode although it is just dropped so a lot of fans might not have even seen it. However, a lot of viewers also might have lost track of the episodes as the show has completed the season already, and we will provide all the available episode details to help you get back on track and watch the rest of the episodes!

What is the show ‘Servant’ about?

Here is the short yet informative synopsis of the show to give you an idea about the backstory: Servant follows parents Dorothy and Sean Turner, who have hired young nanny Leanne to help care for their newborn child.

Index of Servant Season 1 With Episode Titles

Servant Season 1 Episode 1 – Nov 28, 2019 – Reborn
Servant Season 1 Episode 2 – Nov 28, 2019 – Wood
Servant Season 1 Episode 3 – Nov 28, 2019 – Eel
Servant Season 1 Episode 4 – Dec 06, 2019 – Bear
Servant Season 1 Episode 5 – Dec 13, 2019 – Cricket

Servant Season 1 Episode 6 – Dec 20, 2019 – Rain
Servant Season 1 Episode 7 – Dec 27, 2019 – Haggis
Servant Season 1 Episode 8 – Jan 03, 2020 – Boba
Servant Season 1 Episode 9 – Jan 10, 2020 – Jericho
Servant Season 1 Episode 10 – Jan 17, 2020 – TBA

Servant Season 1 Streaming

The show is released on the Apple TV+ exclusively, and make sure you have the Apple TV subscription working to watch the latest episode. However, you cannot stream the show on any other streaming services. Thus, we would advise you to only watch on the official streaming option and avoid illegal streaming and downloading options.