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Splatoon 3 Nintendo and What We Know

Splatoon 3 update
Splatoon 3

Nintendo now gets a hope towards seeing Splatoon 3 as some news comes to is in 2020. Splatoon is a popular franchise that is exclusively made for Swift. Splatoon 2 had a story mode. This gave fans the hope that maybe more content will be on its way for the next season. Splatoon 3 will be introducing a story mode as well and various multiplayer elements.

When is Splatoon 3 update?

We can expect Splatoon 3 to release in Mid-Fall 2020. Nintendo also made a post which hinted towards the new plot that might be in development for Splatoon 3.

Fans were quick to draw many theories from it. The second part of the game was released in 2017, and hence the upcoming holidays seem to be the best time for the new release.

What do we know about Splatoon 3?

Nintendo also posted a picture on social media, giving us an idea about the characters whom we might see. The posts have not confirmed anything solid yet. Fans should be happy that Nintendo did not tell anything about not releasing the game in 2020. The one thing that we know is, fans are crazy about the game, and the next Splatoon game will be coming to the Nintendo switch. We willyou on this as soon as some more news is out, so stay tuned.