Barry Season 2: First Trailer And All We Know So Far

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The first ever Barry Season 2 teaser trailer is here and it looks intense AF. The teaser trailer features Bill Hader as ft. It begins with the line “this is the first time I felt a sense of purpose.”
Barry is described as the evilest, badass person that his known by his colleagues, counterparts and friends. He was last seen as a hitman who tried his best to become an actor but now he’s found a new sense of purpose and achievement in his life, and that is killing people. Barry is a dark comedy that ran for HBO for one successful season. It’s all about the identity crisis in the life of Barry (portrayed by Bill Hader).

Barry is created by Alec Berg for HBO; he’s mentioned that Barry will get emotionally enlightened this Season and his experiences will lead him to challenge his own perception of trying to become an actor. Barry is all set to return this spring on HBO. Previously, Hader and Wrinkler both have won Emmys for their performances in Barry.

A teaser for Season 2 was just released by HBO, and it shows Barry failing to read a monologue, trying to kill people. He’s also informed by his teacher that there is inherent darkness in him, his acting teacher being none other than Gene (portrayed by Henry Winkler). Barry’s girlfriend is portrayed by Sally (Sarah Goldberg), and she is terrific on stage. Noho Hank (Anthony Carrigan) is the next key figure in this story of Barry.

Barry asks Hanks if he is an evil person to which Hank says he’s the evilest, bad-ass person and that Hank has not told him that enough. That’s all we have for now.

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