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Path of Exile 2 Beta, Features and Update Details

Path of Exile 2
Path of Exile 2

The free to play action role-playing video game Path of Exile will be returning with its second installment, and fans of the original game are extremely excited to see what changes will be introduced in the upcoming second part. A lot of new rumors and speculations have surfaced up, and we have gathered all the recent updates and speculations for the sequel, so here is everything you need to know about the upcoming Path of Exile Season 2.

How was the Reception of Path of Exile?

According to some rumors, ‘Path of Exile 2’ will be having some changes, and it will introduce some major improvements over the first installment. The original game made its debut back in 2013, and ever since its official release, the game has been pretty popular among the fans, and it received a score of 86 on Metacritic and a rating of 9 on GameSpot. The game was also declared as the PC game of the year in 2013 by GameSpot and IGN declared it as the best RPG game of 2013.

What are the New Changes in Path of Exile 2?

The game already clocked over 5 million users by February of 2014, and it received an official Xbox release later in 2017. Considering the overall success of the original game, Grinding Gear Games surprised the fans with the announcement of the sequel in November of 2019, and it will be interesting to see whether the team manages to emulate the same kind of results or not. According to the updates, a new ‘7 act storyline campaign’ will be introduced in the game, and it will be developed in a new engine. The campaign will be the newest addition, however, the original campaign will be available as well.

The one good aspect of the game is the fact that the previous purchases will be reflected in the sequel, so if you’ve already involved in any kind of transaction in part 1, it will be carried forward. Path of Exile 2 is being developed in a new rendering system, so the level of details and the in-game animation will be a lot sharper and will have a lot of depth in it.

Gameplay has been enhanced, and the addition of shape-shift has unlocked the gates of countless cool abilities. A new progression system has been incorporated and a different system of adding supporting gems will make it a lot easier for the fans to upgrade their characters.

What are the features of the ‘Path of Exile 2’?

The features of Path of Exile 2 are:

One Game, Two Campaigns
20 Years Have Passed
19 New Ascendancy Classes
New Skill Gem System
All-New Equipment and others

When is the update of Path of Exile 2?

Path of Exile 2 is expected to release sometime in 2021. A beta version is scheduled for release in late ‘2020,’ and judging the pattern, the 2021 release window seems highly logical. We will keep you posted as soon as the official announcement is made.