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Mobile Legends Season 15 Rank Reset, Updates, Features, Characters, and Trailer

Mobile Legends Season 15 Rank Reset
Mobile Legends Season 15

Most probably, many players have played the recent version of the mobile legends, which launched quite before. Mobile Legends is an online multiplayer released in 2016. The game was first published on  Shanghai Moonton has gained its popularity in Southeast Asia. Mobile legend is a multiplayer online battle arena played between many players at the same time. The game contains many action related fights between the combat of online players and less skilled automatic players. The action-packed game has six-game main characters, where players can choose between the heroes that are developed with unique battling features.

mobile legends season 15

Mobile Legends

The game has been developed with many adventures and attacking features. Heros are assassin ninjas exposing their attacking ability to fight with the enemies to save their lives during the game. Mobile legends have 5 X 5 attacking team members attacking and safeguarding their military base from the enemies. While defending their military base, there are three lanes of the control path “top,” “middle,” and “bottom,” which tends to connect with the base. They are attacked by the week’s computer-controlled characters called minions.

Mobile Legends Season 15 Characters

There are six hero characters available with different abilities and ultra graphics appearances; they are Marksman, Assassin, Mage, Support, Fighter, and Tank. The has dominated the first position in most downloaded free game for IOS during 2017. Mobile legends have occupied its position in many countries around the globe. Using the combination tricks winners help us to win the match, many players lack the importance of choosing the combination between players. Because we need to understand how to do the combination so that the opponent gets easily defeated.

Moonton has developed the game; for every three months, the rank mode will reset the players. Every player who tends to follow the rank is supposed to get rewards such as gold, tickets, skin, and fragments based on their performance during the battle though the rewards will be adjusted before being reset for the players.

Mobile Legends Season 15 Rank Rewards

Warrior with 1000 gold and 100 tickets will be awarded one premium skin fragment. Elite with 2000 gold and 200 tickets will be awarded three premium skin fragments. Master with 4000 gold and 300 tickets will be awarded exclusive skin season.GrandMaster with 7000 gold and 600 tickets will be awarded exclusive skin session. Epic with 12000 gold and 1000 tickets will be awarded exclusive skin session. Legends with 12000 and 1500 tickets will be awarded skin exclusive session. Mystic with 2000 gold and 1500 tickets will be awarded exclusive skin session.