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The Stranger Streaming Details, Cast and All You Need To Know

The Stranger Poster image
Stranger Poster image Official release

Bone Chilling ride experience with a stranger, she experiences heart-stopping eleven hour-long rides with a completely unknown share ride passenger. In this article, I’ll discuss the Stranger streaming details, cast and all you need to know. Trailer released on valentine’s day. The trailer has already gained a positive response from the critics.

What’s About the Streaming Details

update of The stranger April 6, 2020, has been officially announced from the production. The movie will be streamed through Quibi, a mobile video platform. The movie is directed and produced by Veena Sud. Quibi is a mobile application based in Los Angeles, California, founded in 2018 by Jeffrey Katzenberg. The streaming platform is developed in order to take the movies worldwide in a handy mobile application. The trailer has already been launched which seemingly increasing the curiosity to watch the big picture. A simple story filled with a lot of emotion and thriller sequences definitely increases the face value of the movie. The movie will fall under the umbrella of “Movies in Chapters” in Quibi’s internal filter. The increasing popularity and positive response of the trailer have already opened the gates for the movie.


Many characters involved in the action, thriller movie. Few characters involved in the movie are Hannah John-Kamen, Richard Armitage, Siobhan Finneran, Dervla Kirwan, Paul Kaye, Jennifer Saunders, Ella-Rae Smith, Stephen Rea, Kadiff Kirwan, Shaun Dooley, Anthony Head, Jacob Dudman, Lamissah La-Shontae and many more. The main cast is carried out by Hannah John-Kamen and Richard Armitage. Hannah plays a roller as a shared ride driver along with Stranger who joined the ride as Richard Armitage. Seems many characters are renownedly faced and we could expect a thriller experience.


The Stranger trailer for released on a Valentine’s day to provide you with terrific horror experience. Yes, the Trailer was launched on February 14, 2020. The Trailer looks amazing explaining the hidden core theme of the movie.



The Stranger is a horror-thriller movie where the Maika Monroe experiences a mysterious bone-chilling experience with an unknown person. She picks up a passenger from a Hollywood hill without knowing the impact she is gonna face later that night. Co-passenger looks calm and seems to be a nice person at the beginning. Soon after the ride starts he explains his horrid act that he killed a lady in his apartment and brings out his wickedness and rude act towards Monroe. She faces a life threat from a killer who tries to kill her for his pleasure.

The Stranger explains the impact of sharing a ride with an unknown person during night time. Director seems to have high clarity on Horror subject that he wishes to provide for the fellow audience.