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Kodak Black: Everything You Need to Know

Kodak Black update

Kodak Black, aka Dieuson Octave, is actually a rapper who is more known for his criminal history than his music career. He is still young as he was born in 1997. What made this criminal singer famous were a couple of songs known as “Zeze,” “Roll in Peace,” “Tunnel Vision,” and “No Flockin.” In this post, I’ll be talking about the Kodak Black update from prison and other criminal histories of this rapper. Don’t worry, and I won’t be giving you any spoiler warning this time because this is not a television show, movie, or anime related post.

Kodak Black update

Kodak Black update will be most probably in 2025 to 2027. Kodak Black latest arrested in March 2020. He has been charged with illegal firearms possession and weed, etc. cases. He was taken in custody near the Canadian-American border. This will be his most significant sentence so far. When he was a teenager, he was taken in the youth detention center three times in just one year. In 2015, he was arrested for the first time in Pompano. He committed crimes like false child imprisonment at this time.

After being released, he was again arrested in April 2016. This time it was for weapon keeping again and marijuana in Hallandale Beach, Florida. Somehow he was again released, but again then he was again arrested in the following month for a robbery incident in Broward County, Florida. After that, he was put under house arrest, which wasn’t any punishment at all for his crimes.

After discovering more pending cases of Kodak Black, he was again detained. He has also raped women after his concerts and did every bad deed, and somehow because of democracy, criminals like him walk the face of the Earth freely because of money while they should be executed to die as soon as possible.

Kodak Black: Details About Him

This is just one flaw of democracy among a whole lot. In December 2016, he was set free because of his money again. In February 2017, he was again arrested for violating probation. He was put under house arrest, but this shit of a person again violated that and was again arrested in May 2017 and released in June 2017. In January 2018, he was again arrested in Pembroke Pines, Florida for showing off again some criminal activities on Instagram.

After this, he was soon released yet again. He then didn’t show up to concerts for no reason and made his sponsors lose a lot of money until even they filed a case against him. He was arrested in April 2019 again for similar reasons and again was set free on bail by paying money. Truly, democracy is the world’s biggest joke. After that, he was again arrested and released from more and more charges.

This inhumane creature even assaulted a prison guard. Finally, in March 2020, he pleaded guilty for his crimes, and he could face up to 7 years in prison. He has even lied on paperwork, which could add a couple of more years to his sentence. It would by no means be a surprise to me that he will be again set free and keep on doing criminal offenses and ruining the lives of people around him more and more.

Then people will say they set him free as his awful music has a bright future while he keeps raping women and whatnot. Enough about his criminal side, let us see what the criminal musician has done in music. He has released two albums so far, Painting Pictures and Dying to Live. Some of his mixtapes include Project Baby, Heart of the Projects, Institution, Lil B.I.G. Pac, Project Baby 2, F.E.M.A, and Heart Break Kodak. Some of his nicknames are Bill Kahan Blanco, Bill Kahan Kapri, Kodak Black, J-Black, while his real name is far different from all these awful names, that being Dieuson Octave.

His occupations are a part-time rapper, singer, songwriter, and a full-time criminal. This guy has no sense of morality, and his actions seem that he has now been fully possessed by the devil. In January 2017, he was on Instagram live while showing the world a female doing sexual activities with him in a room full of men. And unsurprisingly, the people of the world like these things because they are seemingly like him as this unethical video hit a record number of hits. Surprisingly, he is racist even though he himself is black-skinned; he criticizes black people, which is senseless like his most actions and life.

This criminal is unbelievable, and still, most of the world will sympathize with him. Even after all these actions and activities of Almighty guides him, he could certainly change, but he should have been executed for his crimes long ago as well. Hopefully, he won’t ever be released, but that said since he has money, he can manipulate the democratic rules with ease because that is democracy. His music and everything should be banned from bones. Do let us know your thoughts regarding Kodak Black release in the comments.