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Red Joan Clip, And Cast Details

Red Joan is a sensational love story of a granny and her personal fight against idealism and patriotism. Starring Judi Dench, Red Joan is the real-life story of an 87-year-old British spy from World War ll period. Tom Hughes stars as Prince Albert with a German accent that you wouldn’t believe. For his role, Tom Hughes seems to have gone great lengths, he sat with an actual dialect coach, to perfect his speech. Tom was quoted saying that he didn’t just want a German accent, but he tried to find Albert’s voice. In Red Joan, Hughes plays a young Leo who’s a German communist and Joan’s love interest. But most of Joan’s character portrayal has been done by an older Joan, played by Judi Dench.

Based upon the UK’s true story of the granny Spy,
We have gained an exclusive clip; you can see a young Joan played by Sophie Cookson, looking out the window of her university. The movie is a story of Joan’s clandestine activities, spy thrills, high-speed chases, discussions around atomic weapons and what’s ethical and what not. Joan spies against her own country for the Russians.

Judi plays a Kremlin spy in the movie with time so pivotal that he passed on secrets add fire to the nuclear arms race. Red Joan (the old lady next door) is directed by Trevor Nunn, and the screenplay is provided by Lindsay Shapero. The movie first premiered in the Toronto International Film Festival on 7 September 2018. It released worldwide on 19 April 2019.

Red Joan is based upon the book of Jennie Rooney, inspired by Melitta Norwood. The elaborate cast of the movie includes:
Judi Dench as Joan Stanley
Sophie Cookson as young Joan Stanley
Tom Hughes as Leo Galich
Tereza Srbova as Sonya
Laurence Spellman as Patrick Adams
Robin Soans as Clement Attlee
Kevin Fuller as Detective Philips
Simon Ludders as Ship’s Captain
Ciarán Owens as Detective Hughes
Irfan Shamji as Journalist
Adrian Wheeler as Heckler at Rally
Steven Hillman as Prison Guard
James Yeates as Reporter
Connor Wolf as Student
Phill Langhorne as Uniformed Officer