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Read One Piece 978 Spoilers – One Piece Chapter 978 Raw Date

One Piece 978 Spoilers
One Piece 978 Spoilers

Last week One Piece and other several Shonen Jump manga went on a one week break that will be ending up over this weekend when new chapters are released. This means that soon the spoilers will be out as they are usually released before the latest chapters. In this post, we will bring you the latest developments regarding One Piece Chapter 978 Spoilers and when they will be released. This will be spoiler focused post so I don’t recommend reading it if you do not like spoilers. Let us look at the latest updates.

One Piece 978 Spoilers

You can read One Piece Chapter 978 Spoilers here.

When Will One Piece 978 Spoilers Come Out?

One Piece 978 will be released on 26 April 2020. There was no release of One Piece Chapters last weekend. And the Spoilers for One Piece 978 will be released on 23 April 2020 at the earliest. This is because Mangas are first released in the Japanese language before they are translated and then published. But for fans who want the new chapters at the earliest date, they then follow unofficial translations usually made by fans who use raw chapters of the manga.

The recent developments in Onigashima raid had fans waiting for One Piece 978 for almost two weeks now. At least the wait is over as the chapter will be released this weekend and we will then see what developments it will bring. Kaido’s son will be making an appearance in the upcoming chapters as well. But for now, it is a little difficult to say when he might appear. Because of the way Kaido had put it, it appeared that his son is just as stubborn as he is. So he might take his time to make an appearance.

Beast Pirates Strongest Members

Beast Pirates Strongest Members

On the other hand, the flying six have gathered before Kaido and Big Mom will be joining them later on. So we will most likely see all of them in one place. Either way, we will find out more as soon as the spoilers hit the internet.

Where Can You Read One Piece Chapter 978?

One Piece Manga runs on Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jum Magazine and for those who get the raw scans, it is usually released once every week. However, the Manga is also available online on VIZ Media and Manga Plus official Apps and websites. So you can still get new chapter releases every Sunday on your cellphones by visiting the website or using the App.