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AMD Navi GPU update, Specs, And And All We Know

AMD Navi GPU update And All We Know

AMD confirmed that it would be releasing new Navi graphics card along with first Zen 2 CPU. The information about the new releases was made in a conference call. A lot of people are waiting for the release of Navi, which is the next-gen 7nm graphics technology by the company.

AMD confirmed that it would be releasing the new Navu graphics card in the third quarter of this year. It will be released along with Zen 2 CPU. We don’t exactly know which GPUs will end up being released. We only know that the Navi cards will be cheaper than the Radeon VII. Radeon VII is a 7nm product, and it has a price of US$699, £640 and AU$1,180. Thus, it hints that there won’t be any high-end Navi models in Q3.

According to the previous rumors, it was expected that AMD would launch mid-range Navi GPUs – supposedly Navi 10. Also, another thing that caught our attention is that AMD has strongly hinted that there would be some major revelations regarding 7nm products at the Computex keynote in May. It is possible that it might be a tease or some kind of unveiling at Computex.

There is a possibility that we will get them in July. AMD needs to move up a few gears as Nvidia is dominating the market. They have released Turing GTX graphics cards which are headed up by the GTX 1660 Ti.

There was another confirmation. AMD confirmed that the first Zen 2-based 7nm processor (Rome) would be releasing in Q3 as well.

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