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Looks that Kill Cast, Plot and Details

Looks that Kill
Looks that Kill

The upcoming American dark romantic comedy movie Looks that Kill will be coming to the theatres soon, and fans are looking forward to seeing what the movie is all about. According to the latest rumors, the film will be very interesting and will keep them entertained throughout the film. The official announcement came in early 2020, which was followed by the release of the official trailer later in June 2020.

We have gathered all the recent updates and information regarding the show, so here is everything you need to know about the Looks that Kill.

What is the Plot of Looks that Kill? Is there any Trailer for it?

Directed and written by Kellen Moore, the upcoming Looks that Kill will revolve around a 16 years old boy named Max Richards, and the story of the film will focus on his life as he tries to live with his ‘lethally’ attractive face. He has a bizarre disorder, and due to his lethally attractive face, his life has become extremely troublesome, so much so that he needs to hide his face with sunglasses and bandages all the time to prevent the corpses from gathering around him. His life meets a turning point when he encounters a girl named Alex who agrees to be with him and help him in his search for the reason behind his face and his true identity.

The project was officially revealed in early 2020, and according to the official announcement, this will make the directorial debut of Kelly Moore, so fans are looking forward to seeing what Kelly has in store for them. The distribution rights were acquired by Gravitas Venture, and it will be released on digital platforms due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In an interview, Kellen revealed that Gravitas had been an excellent partner, and they are extremely excited to share their project with the audiences.

An official trailer of ‘Looks that Kill’ was released on 15th August, and you can watch it here to get an idea about the film.

Who is in the Cast of Looks that Kill?

The cast of Looks that Kill includes:

  • Brandon Flynn as Max Richards
  • Julia Goldani Telles
  • Ki Hong Lee
  • Annie Mumolo as Jan
  • Lindsay Mushett
  • Tom Proctor as Vin
  • Priscilla Lopez as Esther
  • Susan Berger as Rosemary
  • Mick O’Rourke
  • Jude Washock
  • Monique Kim as Yu Shen
  • Tiffany Milian as Erica
  • Lucia Giannetta as Debbie

When is the update of Looks that Kill?

Looks that Kill will be released on 19th June 2020 as a Video on Demand.