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Boruto Sees Sasuke Uchiha Return With A New Role: Another Arc Incoming?

Boruto Sasuke Uchiha Return

The Boruto anime has been getting interesting again ever since the Mirai arc was adapted and personally, it was one of my favorite arcs on the show. If that wasn’t enough, recently, we saw Sasuke return to the story, and it seems that he is following the clues that have previously been laid down by Urashiki Otsutsuki. Sasuke is still going after them and he’ll continue to look for Otsutsuki Clan member.

We also saw Naruto trying to think of who to promote to Chuunin in the previous episode, and Sasuke intervened when the point of promoting Sarada came up. It seems that she isn’t ready yet, according to Sasuke. He also brought up the fact that Naruto should focus more on his job, because if he doesn’t, Sasuke will take it from him.

I think this has huge implications as to what we’ll be seeing from Sasuke in the future of the show. I’m very interested in seeing him go back to hunt Urashiki Otsutsuki and maybe we’ll even see a confrontation there. Moreover, we might also see new clues related to Kara in the anime.

The Boruto anime is moving closer to more interesting stuff and I can’t wait for it unfold!

Are you excited about Sasuke’s return in the anime? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!