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Apple Card: update, Features, And Details

Apple Card update

If you’ve followed Apple’s latest updates, you probably know what the Apple Card is. For those of you who don’t know, during Apple’s Show Time event on March 25, 2019, Apple unveiled the Apple Card at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California.

It is a mobile-first credit card for Apple users that’s been integrated into the Wallet iPhone app. Its usage gives the owners great offers and exclusive cash-back benefits for Apple-related purchases. This is yet another step by Apple to give the users a true Apple experience, and that’s always good. Also, over the years, Apple has been slow at adopting new technologies, and this is a big step up.

As has always been the case, Apple isn’t getting on the cash back, and the lucrative offers that this card has for all the users. They’re getting on the security and safety that it offers, which is fair if you think about it. Apple always likes to push towards more secure products, and this is no different.

As far as the interest rates go, they’re as follows: “Variable APRs range from 13.24% to 24.24% based on creditworthiness.”

The update for Apple Card isn’t known yet, but we do know that it’ll come out at some point in Summer 2019.

Updated on 5 July 2019:

Well, Apple Card has literally blown all the tech geeks, as nobody thought Apple would be making such a product. Nonetheless, they have decided to do so, and now we need to see how well did they do it. Apple wants to make a hassle-free experience of paying money and buying stuff, it certainly should be different from the previous cards that we have been using.

While it is supposed to release in Summer 2019, we have already got into summer and no details are coming out. But it is also reported that Apple has started testing it in the real world, before they actually release it in front of all the customers. Their executives are using the card to check whether it is functioning the way they want, and once they are satisfied, they will release it. The website still shows Summer 2019 release, we have roughly 2 months before Summer ends. So, we might get a update soon!

Updated on 22 July 2019:

We have just got some detailed information, as iOS 12.4 was released recently, and it has support for Apple Card. Although iOS 13 is also coming soon, it is this time when Apple wants to test its card before it is handed over to the customers. We already informed you that Apple is testing its card, as its retail employees are using the beta version of it.

The testing is already a few weeks undergone, and it would be interesting to see when Apple releases the card for all the Apple enthusiasts. Also, Apple has announced 1% back while using your card, 2% for using Apple Pay, and 3% for an Apple purchase. So, offers are rolling out, and it might not be too far to actually use the new gadget!

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