Kim Jung Hyun Signs With a New Agency

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Kim Jung Hyun New Agency Story J Company
Kim Jung-Hyun in Crash Landing In You

Mr. Queen actor Kim Jung Hyun has officially signed with a new agency. After the vast Seo Ye Ji and Kim Jung Hyun scandal, the latter faced some issues with his previous agencies. Since April, Kim Jung Hyun has been on a hiatus, and his fans have been waiting to see him in a new drama. So, will we get to see Kim Jung Hyun in a new drama?  With Kim Jung Hyun joining new management, the fans can expect him to sign new projects soon.

On September 24, it was announced that Kim Jung Hyun had signed an exclusive contract with Story J Company. The company also released an official statement to confirm the same. In their brief statement, they praised the Times actor and shared their plans for the actor.

Kim Jung Hyun New Agency – Story J Company Kim

Story J Company wrote by telling how they always kept an eye on Kim Jung Hyun’s acting talent. The company specializes in actors, and they are proud to have the actor as a part of their family. After learning Kim Jung Hyun’s plans to go solo, they approached him and built trust between each other. Moreover, they were highly impressed with Jung-Hyun’s passion for acting. Hence, they will provide him with systematic management and be his strong partner in his future endeavors.

Story J Company informed that Jung-Hyun had signed an exclusive contract with them, and they will help him focus on acting and recovering his health. In the end, they thanked the fans, entertainment companies, and reporters who wished for his well-being.

Kim Jung Hyun New Agency Story J Company
Kim Jung-Hyun in Welcome To Waikiki

From now on, both Story J. Company and Kim Jung Hyun will work hard to show the actor’s better and healthier side in the future.

Kim Jung Hyun has earned fans for his roles in dramas like Welcome To Waikiki, School 2017, Mr. Queen, Times, Crash Landing On You, and more. Meanwhile, Story J Company is house to actors such as Kim Do Sam, Kim Tae Hee, Seo In Guk, Yoo Seung Ho, Kim Sung Cheol, and many others.

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