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Netflix Series Narcos: Mexico Second Season Announced – When Will It Release?

Narcos Mexico Second Season

The second season of Narcos: Mexico was announced a while ago after the dramatic first season. Kiki Camerena’s death in the first season shocked a lot of people. Kiki Camerena (played by Michael Pena) was killed in the first season. He was a victim of Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo’s (Diego Luna) lengthy torture.

The spoilers for the upcoming season are nowhere to be found. Netflix hasn’t revealed any information so far, however, this hasn’t stopped fans from speculating about the new season. A lot of people believe that there will be retribution in the new season.

Netflix Narcos Mexico Second Season

The introduction of Walt Breslin (Scoot McNairy) has got the fans speculating the worst for Felix. Walt is a DEA Agent and he is going to take over after Kiki’s death.

Narcos: Mexico takes place in the early 80s. This was the time when Felix and the Guadalajara cartel rose to prominence. So, if Netflix is going to follow the real-life timeline, they can’t kill Felix because he was arrested in 1989. He was given a sentence of 37 years for the murder of Kiki, racketeering and many other crimes.

Narcos: Mexico Season 2 update—
There is no confirmed update for the second season of Narcos: Mexico. We can expect it to be released on Netflix around November, but there is no telling that it could be come out at a later date.

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