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OtakuKart Exclusive: More Anime Movies Are Coming To India Through VKAAO


VKAAO is a platform that brings to you any movie of your choice whether it be an old or a new movie. You join can join any of the existing screening of your choice and enjoy a movie wherever you want to. For example, if you want to watch a movie at a theater but isn’t running at any theatre near you. This is somewhat true for the movie that is from the old era and that’s the movie you want to watch on the big screen.

More anime movies are on there way

And it is true for the anime fans who like to watch anime movies but unfortunately don’t get screened in India. That isn’t a problem now because Vkaao got your back as it creates screening for a movie of your choice, theatre of your choice, and you even the time and date of your choice. In short, you will watch a movie when you want it, where you want it. Moreover, the cherry on the top is that this screening will then be made available on the platform for others to join.

The only catch for this is that if enough people pay for the screening, it gets confirmed and you will get to watch your favorite movie on a big screen. On the other hand, if minimum tickets are not booked, the entire ticket fee is refunded and the screening will be canceled. An exhaustive library that gets updated regularly and VKAAO brings movies variety of genres from which you have to choose. Recently, they screened an extremely popular anime movie called Weathering With You.


Many people went to see that movie and enjoyed it. After the movie’s premiere, one of the staff members talked exclusively to Otakukart. We asked them whether or not there will be more anime movies coming to this. To which they said that “We are working on getting more Anime movies to Indian screens. Shall keep everyone posted through our social media”. This is good news for the anime fans that want to watch various anime movies on the big screen. India has a lot of anime fans and with this statement, they can rejoice that they will be to watch anime movies on the big screen.

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