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Apex Legends’ New Update Nerfs The Overpowered Charge Rifle

Apex Legends charge rife
Apex Legends (Credits: Respawn)

Apex Legends’ developers, recently Respawn announced that a new update will be going live. In this update, they will be addressing many of the issues that came with the launch of season 3 of the game. The entire patch notes haven’t been revealed yet by them yet but it has been told that there will be big changes coming with it. One of the changes that will be coming is to the Charge Rifle which is the newest weapon to the game’s arsenal.

Charge Ride is an extremely powerful energy sniper rifle that has proven to force to be reckoned with and is right now the best weapon in the game. This isn’t surprising to us as this nerf was already said by the developers to be coming very soon. In a tweet from the official Apex Legends, the Twitter account said “Heads up, Legends! We’ll be pushing out a small server patch here shortly that include fixes and updates for Quips while in the Drop Ship, Initial circle issues and The Charge Rifle”

Apex Legends

Apex Legends (Credits: Respawn)

During the first episode of Apex Devstream, the Respawn community manager Jay Frechette said “We want to be thoughtful in the way we make changes for it.” He further added “So with the Charge Rifle, this won’t be a [straight-forward] damage nerf. We’ll be increasing the amount of ammo that is used per shot, changing the mag size for it, and also bringing in a bit of the falloff damage.” The nerf to the Charge Ride was good but the most welcomed change was the quips one.

The quip wheel was introduced with the third season which allows you say any of a character’s unlocked intro or kill quips whenever you want and if other squads are within earshot, they’ll hear the quip too. People Discovery it and started to say quips even while in the dropship, and they would then spam the same phrases over and over, turning the dropship into hell for other players.