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Will There Be A Trailer Park Boys Season 14?

Trailer Park Boys season 14
Trailer Park Boys (Credits: Netflix)

Trailer Park Boys is a cartoon series which depicts a series of increasingly unbelievable events against the live-action backdrop of a Canadian trailer park. But when Netflix turned the show into a raunchy animated series, it to raised the stakes even higher. It was pretty popular and was well received by the audience but the question stand is will there be a season 14.

When Will Trailer Park Boys Season 14 happen

Trailer Park Boys

Trailer Park Boys (Credits: Netflix)

There hasn’t been a trailer for this but we all know that Netflix was pretty tight-lipped about the Season 13. All of us didn’t know that this was happening until a month before its release. So, if there is a Trailer for its Season 14, it will too come as a surprise too.

A similar thing can be said for the update of season 14. Ever since the streaming giants Netflix picked up the Canadian show, the release schedule has been pretty erratic, and it’s creators have also pursued a bunch of other projects including a faux-travel reality show. This means that we can see the next (if there is one) of Trailer Park Boys Season 14 ever before it airs.

But again, we have gotten the new season of Trailer Park Boys every year since Netflix picked up the series in 2013. If this Netflix goes by this schedule than we might be getting Season 14 in 2020. But all of this is pure specifications and this should be taken as a grain of salt. Well, I would like to hear your opinion in the comment down below about will there be a new season or not of this show.

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