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Guraburu! Episode 6 New Details


The crew pulls together to help Lunalu complete her manuscript and Cain is giving the orders. Cain reveals that he has whipped up a schedule and role chart and everyone must follow it as they proceed. While Cain is busy talking with the crew he notices that their artist Lunalu is sleeping. Cain shouts that Lunalu is sleeping and she replies that she is awake. Lulu said that she is just waiting for a primarch and Cain asking if she is saying an angel.

He also asks her if she is expecting an angel to descend from the above and give her ideas and what she is saying is just like a wish. Lulu replied that she believes that one will come since she has just asked for one to show up on her sleep. Suddenly Coffee Lover Sandalphon shows up and Cain thinks that it is a primarch that has dropped by. Coffee Lover offers the coffee to Lunalu telling her it is what she asked for.

Guraburu! Episode 6 Recap

Guraburu! Episode 6 will be released on Thursday, 12 November 2020, at 9:54 PM JST. The new episode of this Anime will be released every Thursday note that this post may contain the spoiler of upcoming episode watch out for them when you proceed. You can watch this Anime on Crunchyroll. Let’s take a look at below.



Previously on Guraburu! Episode 5

Lulu drinks it and she became so excited that caffeine gives her energy she can work all night. She works all night without getting tired writing different scrip just like a machine. Cain notices that she wasn’t waiting for an angel to give her ideas she was waiting for Coffee Lover to bring her primarch coffee. Later Mille shows up asking how things are going and she has brought the snacks for them. She found out Mahira, Sahli Lao, Sierokarte, and Messabelle are playing  Harvin billiards.

Lulu got hit by writer’s block and the crew came up with the game that we get her creative juices flowing. They also find out she is not sleeping because of drinking too much coffee and it is messing with her brains. Mille asks what Harvin billiard is and she wat to give it a try if it is funny or not. She thinks that they are crazy to come up with a game just like this. Mille tries to play but she misses her target and puts her sticking cue on Vryn’s butt. Vrny jumps up screaming running around with a sticking cue on his butt.

She apologizes saying that her hands have just slipped and Lulu said Eureka. After everything, the work on the manuscript went smoothly and Lunalu sold one copy of her debut work at the book fair. She is excited that her work is progressing and she takes own her first 5o rupees and said that she will treasure it forever. Lulu promises that she is going to make her next storybook better and it will attract many customers.

Guraburu! Episode 6 Preview

Today that’s what the preview and latest development have to offer. You will get more news and updates of this Anime next week Thursday.