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Haikyuu To The Top Season 2 Episode 22 Recap

Haikyuu To The Top Season 2

Previously on Haikyuu, the fans think that Karasono will lose the second set and the final set will be affected. Inarizaki’s side is happy that they got this set. Last year the tables turned on them even though they were six points ahead. Karasuno notices that they are in trouble they decide to switch the rotation buy they got beaten by 25:16 points. The 3rd set has started and Tobio scores making Karasano lead by 3:2 points. Let’s see how the match continues below.

Tobio said that the block that is not scary isn’t actually a block he said that after #4 Aran loses the ball. #1 serves a soft one and Aran sends it to #7 Atsumi who sets Kita and he fires a cannon. #1 blocks it back to Inarizaki court resulting in a free ball and #10 Suna jump along with Kei. Suna notices that Karasano is a full-of-holes blocker guy and he tried to take that advantage. His trick didn’t work since Kei has just jumped to confuse him and #5 blocks the ball back.

Haikyuu to The Top Season 2 Episode 22 Recap

Haikyuu To The Top Season 2 Episode 22 will be released on Saturday, 28 November 2020, at 2:25 AM JST. The new episode of this Anime will be released every Saturday. Watch out for the spoilers of the next episode when you continue. You can officially watch Haikyuu To The Top Season 2 on Crunchyroll. Let’s see which duo will be the best below.

Haikyuu To The Top Season 2

Haikyuu To The Top Season 2

Previously on Haikyuu to The Top Season 2 Episode 21

Before the ball goes to the other side Karasano played, one-to-six and scores again and Karasano is now leading with 2 points as 3rd set continues. Tetsuro said that if they had rushed after the ball, Suna would have probably used that against them. If they also tried to fully stop him one-on-one they’d be playing into his hands. Tetsuro has noticed that Kei is using the first two sets to signal the guy behind that Suna will make a counter-cross shot.

Tetsuro thinks that volleyball is a sport where you know you are going to get scored on. There is absolutely counter to any attack and the more Suna uses his counter-cross. Kei and Karasuno have an advantage back to the court Suna thanks Kei for letting him get a clean hit in every time. Kei also thank him for hitting exactly how he expected he would have every single time. Suna thinks that Kei is the least assertive middle blocker he has ever seen.

#7 Kinoshita sud #11 Kei and he promise that he will score ten points. Kinoshita tries to make a nice serve but he fails and Aran makes a nice kill. They end up subbing off Kinoshita for his poor performance Kei is back to the game after taking a breath. After being subbed off he had a flashback of his past. The Miya twins manage to score 4 points but they still need two points to tie the game. The match continues with 10:8 points and the 3rd set is about to end.

Haikyuu to The Top Season 2 Episode 22 Preview

With those latest updates so far that is what we manage to get for you about the upcoming episode 22 of Haikyuu. Next week Saturday after the release of episode 22 we will hit again with the next episode updates.