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The Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 335: Spoilers and update

The seven deadly sins chapter 334 update

The latest Chapter of the seven deadly sins saw the aftermath of the battle against the demon lord. Everyone notices that the evil magic that was present had finally disappeared as peace seems to be finally returning back. The seven deadly sins together with the holy knights return to lioness only to be welcomed by a celebration and the marking of their return as a holiday.

As everyone else is happy to see them back, it was only unfortunate that Escanor did not survive the battle. Vivian returned safe and sound, which surprised everyone as she explains how she managed to survive; meanwhile, the remaining Sin’s are celebrating as they talk about the impending new age that is about to begin. The seven deadly sins usually release new Chapters on Sundays, which means 335 was set for release 1st of December 2019. However, at the end of Chapter 334 that the next issue will be on a break and that issues 2 and 3 double chapters will have a color cover and present.

The seven deadly sins follow the story of seven warriors who were accused of trying to overthrow the monarchy and ended up being sent into exile. A princess known as Elizabeth discovered that they were all framed by the Holy Knights, who act as the King’s guards. This ended up with her father assassinated by the Holy Knights and the seizing of the throne. Elizabeth then went out to look for the seven deadly sins so they can help her reclaim her father’s kingdom. When she met the firs Sin, Meliodas, he was just an innkeeper without any weapon. And now she has to travel with him on an adventure to search for the remaining Sins.

The Manga began its serialization on Weekly Shonen Magazine in October 2012, collecting a total of 31 volumes. It has been licensed by Kodansha USA for English publication and released digitally by Crunchyroll in over 170 countries. The anime adaptation premiered on August 18, 2018, producing three seasons under A-1 Pictures and Studio Deen with season 3 currently ongoing. As of 18 August 2018, Netflix acquired its exclusive streaming rights for English dubs.