Strongest Anti M.E.T.A. Chapter 96: Raw Scans, update, and Spoilers

In this article, we will be talking about the Strongest Anti M.E.T.A. Chapter 96 update, Raw Scans, and spoilers. The Manga released its latest chapter on the 24th of December 2019. So we will be focusing on the update schedule for the next chapter and where you can read them as soon as they are released. Later on, we will focus on the potential spoilers for the upcoming chapters and their respective Raw Scan updates.

Strongest Anti M.E.T.A. Manga Summary

As he scams every day all day and ventures alone, he bluffs to get the ultimate power in this cultivation world. The world traveler Xue Que doesn’t always bluff, but it always works out for him when he does.

Strongest Anti M.E.T.A. Chapter 96 Spoilers

Strongest Anti M.E.T.A. Chapter 96
Strongest Anti M.E.T.A.


Xe Que continues his fight with the king in the latest chapter of Strongest Anti M.E.T.A. as not even his three-colored fire lotus could harm the king. The King’s dragon fire is proving to be too much for Xe Que as he has a hard time dealing with it, but his speed gives him an advantage. Yanyang then appeared while they were still fighting, which surprised Xe Que as she was looking different and now goes by the name Huan and is the King’s concubine.

Strongest Anti M.E.T.A. Chapter 96 update

This Manga releases new chapters every four days, with Chapter 94 released on the 24th of December 2019. Then this means that Chapter 96 will be released on the 28th of December if we are following the usual release schedule for the latest chapter release. You can check out the sites below to get the latest chapters as soon as they are released.

Where To Read Strongest Anti M.E.T.A. Latest Chapters

You can read new chapters as soon as they are available from the “” official website, as they are always up to date with new releases. Raw scans for the Manga are available 2-3 days before their respective chapters are published. However, we advise you to use official sites to read your manga, as this will help promote the Manga and its publishers.