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One Strange Rock Season 2: Plot, Cast, andDetails

One Strange Rock

One Strange Rock is an American documentary series that is broadcast on National Geographic. The show features the best places in the world, tells the story of the world through the eyes of the astronauts as they share their unique experiences of the planet and shed light on the millions of wonderful activities going on around it.

The directors of the show include Graham Booth, Nicholas Jordan, Alice Jones, Christopher Riley, Nat Sharman, and Nic Stacey. The developers of the show include Nutopia, a Television production company that is best known for “America: The Story of us.”

What is One Strange Rock Season 2 Plot?

The show premieres with astronauts sharing their views on the planet, and they explain how the system of Earth supports the millions of lives that are bursting on it.

In the following episodes, we take a deeper look at the formation of the Earth, which has proven to be the unique planet on the Solar System with it’s a most vital ingredient, that is, life.

The show explains the story and transformations of Earth and how we, as mankind, with our violence, have affected our planets and resources. The show also touches one interesting question – does life exist outside this planet? Can there be organisms, away from our planet, who are defining the meaning of life?

However, for the large part, the audience is made to realize why life only exists on earth against all the odds, and viewers get a better insight as to how the Earth & Sun share a love-hate bond. The last few episodes talk about the wonders of the human brain, along with Astronaut Peggy Whiteson’s thoughts on the concept of homes.

Who is in One Strange Rock Season 2 Cast?

The host of the show is Will Smith, who is a powerful Hollywood actor who tries to create irrelevant enthusiasm in the show. His unique style and charm create vibes for the show, which is totally cosmic and mixes with the general theme of the show. Astronauts, experts, and other noted personalities also add value to the show.

When is One Strange Rock Season 2 update?

Season 2 of One Strange Rock is expected to premiere in March 2020 on the National Geographic.