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PUBG Server Status and New Changes


If you’re a PUBG player then, you might be a bit frustrated because the servers of the game are down, as they’ll be rolling out a massive update of Vikendi to Xbox One and PS4 platforms. The server maintenance took place yesterday, so the servers were paused for the purpose, and according to reports, the update should be available by now, and both Xbox One and PS4 users will have to download the new update to get the most of the latest added contents if you haven’t already.

Now, the Vivendi map will be available for the console users who have been waiting for so many days as initially, the snowy map was rolled out only to PC and mobile devices, so it was frustrating for console users. According to reports, server maintenance began at 7 am GMT but, it was extended, and according to the official notes, Vikendi was stated to arrive by 5 am PST / 2 pm CET.


  • The mini-map can be magnified further.
  • Fixed colors and numbers will be assigned to players based on their lobby order.
  • Field of view slider mode has been added in the FPP mode (first person perspective)

Vikendi Map is included. Features:

  • 6x6km map, quicker than Miramar and Erangel but, requires more tactical experience than Sanhok.
  • The ability to throw snowballs while waiting in the lobby has been added.
  • Vehicles will be slippery in icy conditions.
  • Footprints and vehicle tracks can be detected upon trodding snowy areas.

Along with game changes, performance has also been enhanced in various levels. There are more improvements which are included in the official patch notes. You can visit the official site to get the complete information.

For more updates, stay tuned to Otakukart.

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