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Shameless Season 9:On Netflix And Episodes

Shameless Season 9 update

Shameless Season 9 was airing since January 2019 on Showtime and its mid-season premiere aired recently as well. Of course, some of you don’t watch it on Showtime and prefer to watch the show on Netflix, and that’s exactly why this post exists.

In this post, we’ll be talking about Shameless Season 9, and everything that we know about it so far. We’ll also be talking about thefor the show on Netflix for those who want to know. So let’s begin!

Shameless Season 9 premiered on Showtime in September 2018 and had been airing since then on Sundays at 9 PM Eastern Time. For the people in other countries, Netflix is the only way to be able to watch this show, but even though the show came out in September 2018, we’ll have time air to get the 9th season on Netflix.

Those of you who are waiting for the show to come to Netflix have a solid 5-7 months of a wait ahead of you. The show isn’t going to drop on Netflix before that.

In the last four years, Netflix has been releasing the new season of the show around this time, and we expect the same to be the case with Shameless Season 9. Expect Shameless Season 9 to drop in June or August 2019 on Netflix.

In the UK, the show is far behind and is currently on Season 7. The 8th Season of Shameless is expected to drop in late 2019 there, so they’ll have to wait till 2020 to get Shameless Season 9. Sometimes, Netflix buys multiple seasons at once, and we hope that the same is the case for Shameless in the UK.