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Itaewon Class Episode 5 Streaming, and Recap

Itaewon Class, which is JTBC’s newest drama that premiered on January 31, 2020. Only four episodes have been aired so far, but the drama is already soaring in the rating department. On February 8, the drama reached its all-time highest ratings with its fourth episode – with a 9.4 average nationwide rating, according to Nielsen Korea.

It’s not surprising at all – Park Seo Joon and the rest of the cast’s exceptional acting really shines in this well-written drama so far. Based on a webtoon of the same name written by Jo Gwang Jin – who is also serving as the writer for the drama adaptation – Itaewon Class is taking its time to establish its characters, especially with its most recent episode. Itaewon Class’ episode 4 touches on the relationship between our leads Park Sae Ro Yi and Kwon Na Ra, as well as the newfound love Jo Yi Seo has for Sae Ro Yi.

The drama tells the story of the Itaewon neighborhood in Seoul, which houses many restaurants that serve food from all over the world. Park Sae Ro Yi, after suffering from a lot of hardships in his life, wants to open a pub in this coveted Itaewon neighborhood. It is not as easy as it seems – as he faces a lot of struggles on his journey to keep the place running, but he also makes friends along the way. The story is about these young people coming together to make their dreams come true in the neighborhood by opening a street bar.

The drama has been releasing its episodes weekly every Friday and Saturday on JTBC in Korea and internationally on Netflix. This article will provide the reader with streaming details, airing time of Itaewon Class episode 5, as well as a full recap of episode 6.

Itaewon Class poster.

Itaewon Class Episode 5 update

Itaewon Class episode 5 will release on Friday, February 14, 2020, at 23:00 KST (Korean Standard Time). As the show releases two episodes a week, episode 5 will air on Saturday, February 15, at the same time slot. We’ll have a separate article for episode 6 with the previous episode’s full recap.

Where to Watch Itaewon Class Episode 5 Online?

Itaewon Class episode 5 will be available to stream on Netflix with English subtitles as soon as it’s aired in Korea. It goes without saying that you would need a Netflix subscription to access the show. Netflix is averting from its usual love for binge-watching, as the streaming platform releases episodes weekly for the drama. You can watch episode 5 as well as all previously released episodes on the streaming platform.

Itaewon Class can be streamed on desktop, mobile phones and tablets, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV via Netflix.

Itaewon Class Episode 4 Recap

The episode opened to eight years ago when Sae Ro Yi was in jail. He is joined by Choi Seung Kwon, who shortly gets into a fight with Sae Ro Yi. Sae Ro Yi reads the Chairman’s book and gets into an argument with Sae Ro Yi, who thinks studying would do no good for a convict. Sae Ro Yi says that he wants to become someone when he gets out, even though he will be an uneducated ex-convict. Seung Kwon takes this as Sae Ro Yi looking down on him and beats Sae Ro Yi to the ground until the guards interfere and take Seung Kwon away.

We then cut back to the time shortly before the present, where Seung Kwon approaches Sae Ro Yi and expresses that he is impressed by Sae Ro Yi and has become his fan. He has done what he sought out to do, open his own pub despite being an uneducated ex-convict. Seung Kwon says he wants to live a proper life too, and so he joins DanBam as an employee. In another scene, we see Jo Yi Seo look up Seo Joon on the internet and comes across news articles about him getting jailed.

We then come back to the present day where Jang Geun Won talks to his father, Jang Dae Hee, about what happened at Sae Ro Yi’s pub. Jang Dae Hee asks about where Jang Geun Soo is. We then cut to Geun Soo working at a restaurant, where he overhears his boss talking about firing him without giving him any severance pay since minimum wage rates and increased, and they don’t want to pay more salary to him.

Sae Ro Yi, Ma Hyun Yi, and Seung Kwon wonder what they should do with their time since they have a two-month suspension in place. They decide to work on the things they lacked before.

At Jangga Co., Kang Min Jung and two executives talk about who the next successor of the company will be. The execs say they don’t want Geun Won to take over the company and suggest that Min Jung should become the next CEO instead. She refuses, stating that she doesn’t want to be their cannon fodder.

The show then jumps to New Year’s 2016, and Jo Yi Seo is 20 now. She’s doing well for herself, getting accepted in all universities she applied to. She’s bored with her life, however, and only befriends rich people who can give something to her in return. She has no interest in life ever since she met Sae Ro Yi.

We then cut to Sae Ro Yi and Oh Soo A having drinks at the bar. She asks him why he never asked her out since he has liked her since her high school days. He says that they both prioritize their jobs and jokes that once he gets rich, she’ll lose her job. Oh Soo A says she won’t be able to help him out, but she’ll cheer him on.

Back at Jo Yi Seo, she’s out with two of her friends at a restaurant. Three guys ask to join with them, and they agree. After finishing her dinner, she takes off, and one of the guys follows her, asking why she left. She isn’t interested in hookups, and the guy’s a sleaze, so she says she doesn’t like anything about him and insults him. The guy stops her and says he spent a lot of money on food and drinks for her, to which Yi Seo takes out money from her purse and throws it on him. This angers the guy, and he slaps her on the cheek. He tries to slap her again, but she counters and flips him over to the ground. We then see her running away and the boy chasing her. She runs to a public bathroom, where she finds none other than Sae Ro Yi. The guy chasing Jo Yi Seo follows her inside.


As Sae Ro Yi is about to leave after washing his hands, Jo Yi Seo calls out to him. The bad guy says she’s his girlfriend, and there’s nothing to worry about. Sae Ro Yi notices her swollen cheek, and the guy asks her to leave. Sae Ro Yi asks Jo Yi Seo if it’ll be nosy if he meddles in, and he can’t do anything if she stays quiet. Yi Seo asks Sae Ro Yi to help him, and he does so by beating up the bad guy. Sae Ro Yi and Yi Seo run out of the bathroom, and on the way, they get Oh Soo A to run with them too.

After they stop running, Oh Soo A asks why he gets in trouble to help others, and why he was running around for his girl. As they’re about to part ways, Jo Yi Seo says she wants to repay for Sae Ro Yi’s kindness and asks him out for coffee. Sae Ro Yi initially says she doesn’t need to but agrees to join her when Yi Seo tells him that she can help him promote his club on the internet. Bothered by this new girl suddenly hitting on Sae Ro Yi, Oh Soo A also joins them for coffee.

After some initial awkward silence, Sae Ro Yi goes away from the table to take a phone call. Oh Soo A interrogates Jo Yi Seo and asks her why she’s hitting on Sae Ro Yi and if she likes him. Yi Seo says she is hitting on him. However, she’s not sure if she likes him. But she’s definitely interested. After some back and forth, Oh Soo A says Yi Seo doesn’t look sorry at all despite being the reason behind DanBam’s two-month suspension. Yi Seo says Sae Ro Yi never told Oh Soo A about her being at his pub, so how does she know that the pub got suspended because of her. Oh Soo A is unable to answer, and Yi Seo asks if she’s the one who called the police. Oh Soo A is speechless. Yi Seo says Sae Ro Yi will hate her once he knows that the girl he likes betrayed her.

Sae Ro Yi returns back to the table, and Oh Soo A confesses that she was the one who called the police at his pub. She asks him if he hates her. Sae Ro Yi says he doesn’t, and he believes that there must be a reason behind it, but he is, however, disappointed. Oh Soo A leaves them and on the way home, she feels guilty about her actions.

Sae Ro Yi and Yi Seo go for drinks. They talk about Oh Soo A and Sae Ro Yi says he doesn’t feel betrayed by her. They change the topic and Yi Seo talks about his pub and tells him that he hasn’t gotten the basics right. She reveals to him that she is an influencer on Instagram and has a sizable following.

Sae Ro Yi gets drunk and starts talking about how sad his life is, and then sprawls out and collapses on the floor of the bar. Yi Seo lays his head on her lap and kisses him, saying that she likes him.

The next scene opens to Sae Ro Yi in a hospital bed. Then we cut to Yi Seo whose mom tells her to not get involved in something trifle like love.

Later at a bridge, Yi Seo tosses a coin. She says she’ll become a girl just like her mom wants her to be if the coin lands on heads. If it’s tails, then she’ll do what she wants. The coin, however, falls into the water under the bridge. Yi Seo decides that the coin’s outcome must be tails.

It’s nighttime now and Yi Seo runs over to DanBam. Yi Seo feels that Sae Ro Yi is not a mediocre man, and she wants to help him become an amazing person. Sae Ro Yi comes out and she tells him that she wants to join him at DanBam and help him achieve his dreams.

In the preview, we see the Chairman tell Oh Soo Ah to “do her job”, seemingly asking her to get rid of DanBam. In the next scene, we see Oh Soo A crying as Sae Ro Yi tries to console her. They both ger close to each other and are about to kiss as Yi Seo catches them.

You can check out the preview below: