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Seraph Of The End Chapter 88: Spoilers

Seraph Of The End Chapter 88 update and Spoilers

In chapter 87 of Seraph of The End, Shinoa wakes up on the battlefield as hse couldn’t recall exactly what had happened as she seems to have taken some damage. This manga made its latest release on the 3rd of February 2020 with the release of chapter 87. So in this post, we are going to talk about ‘Seraph Of The End’ Chapter 88 raw scans, and spoilers. We will start by looking at the spoilers so if you don’t like them you can just skip the spoilers section.

Seraph Of The End Chapter 88 Spoilers

Seraph of The End chapter 87 has presented us with the teamwork of Yu, Guren, and Mahiru as they try to take on the most powerful foe they have ever come across. As a result, they ended up running away as they could hardly keep up with the fight. This had led to them planning the best strategy they could use to escape safely.

Seraph Of The End Chapter 88 Spoilers

When Is Seraph Of The End Chapter 88 update?

This manga releases new chapters on a monthly basis and had made its latest release on the 3rd of February 2020. The new chapters usually carry the next updates with them although they might be subject to change. So chapter 88 is scheduled for a release on the 3rd of March 2020 and you can use the information below to read it as soon as it is released.

Where Can You Read ‘Seraph Of The End’ Manga?

You can catch the latest chapters of the Manga as soon as they are released from Viz Media and Shueisha’s Manga plus official websites and Apps. Although raw scans are usually released 2-3 days in advance, we advise you to read digital copies from the official websites and their platforms as this will help promote the Manga creators and its publishers. You can also check out the tweet below for more information: