EA’s Madden NFL 20 is one of the most anticipated games of 2019, just as it is every single year. The game is expected to come with major improvements this year and fans are expecting EA to finally step up and make huge changes, not just re-skin the game and sell it as an upgrade.

Madden 20 is definitely going to be better. After having faced a lot of criticism, EA will definitely want to improve the experience of the game. In this post, we’ll be discussing everything about the game, including the release date, the gameplay expectations and everything else that we know. So, let’s get started on this post right now.

So, when do we expect Madden NFL 20 to get announced? Games like Madden usually get announced at the same time every year, that is, during the Q2 phase of the year. This year, we expect things to be the same and Madden 20 will likely be announced in May, or June 2019. The release date of the game is expected to be in the same fall window.

We think Madden NFL 20 will come out with loads of new features. Rumors suggest that one of the biggest improvements that will be made to the game aside from enhanced graphics and player updates is the ability to make a player in Franchise. This used to be the renditions of the PlayStation 2 game, and we hope that it makes its way back to the next installment of the game too. Aside from this, rumors suggest that the game will have improved commentary and advanced emotions for players.


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