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Wreckfest XBox One update And Details

Wreckfest XBox One update
Wreckfest XBox One

Wreckfest fans have been waiting for a long time to be released for the consoles. The fans thought they would finally get to play the game on their consoles but, it was pushed back to make some more tweaks. THQ Nordic and Bugbear Entertainment had announced that the game would be released on November 20th, 2018.

It was announced that the game would be released sometime in 2019. There is no exact update for the game yet. But, we should get information regarding the release soon.
Roger Joswig, a Senior Producer at THQ Nordic, said that Wreckfest would be released for consoles only after they enjoy playing it. He said after the success on PC, the benchmark for the game on consoles is higher. He further added that the team needed to work on the multiplayer part and the overall performance on the game so, that the experience would be the same PC

Roger added, “However, we already have compensation in the form of further vehicles, including a special crazy vehicle, in the works for consoles.”

When the game is released, people would be expecting a lot of great things from it once is released. The delay in the release should give us a good game. There should be a lot of new stuff coming up. Here is the list of things that will be a part of the game:
Cars— It is pretty obvious that there will be cars in the game. There will be a lot of old, patched together cars. Also, there will be different styles of cars from American heavy-hitters to superfast Europeans.
Customization— You have a lot of ways to customize your cars. You can change the look of your cars and also you can upgrade the body armor.
Multiplayer— You can play with your friends online. You can wreck their cars, and you can enjoy racing to the limit.