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Prison School is the anime television adaptation of the manga Prison School by Akira Hiramoto, produced by J.C.Staff. A very typical plot of fan service anime where a few boys end up in a strict female boarding school. Five boys in a school of thousands of girls who end up in prison for their actions, facing some of the hardest tasks that can be imagined. In all that drama, the characters find themselves among the prettiest girls, which leads to the resistance of the highly motivated boys.

So I wanted to see an ecchi anime (out of curiosity, of course), and everyone around the anime community was buzzing around this anime, ‘Prison School’, and said that it’s the best ecchi anime there is. So I must check it out and see what this anime, as well as this specific genre, has to offer, and…my oh my, after watching Prison School, I can see why people like Ecchi so much. So allow me to present to you my reviews on Prison School.


So the story starts pretty simple and easy to understand. Boys are being punished for doing stuff they shouldn’t do. However, as the story progresses, it adds more and more value to the plot by creating more and more intriguing yet reasonable scenarios. There is a hell of a lot of moments to burst out of laughter and enjoy the Ecchi of the series but what makes this anime so great is its intricacy in execution. Not only the ecchi part but various other factors also contribute to this anime’s greatness. For example, the fact that all the characters have some traits to laugh at, the amazing plans formulated, the continuous mental war between the president and the boys as well as the inclusion of emotional situations are all that add up to how amazing this series would turn out.

The plot in the initial episodes was mainly focused on using ecchi content to create fun, humor, and engagement. However, The creators assured that they focus on the plot during the other half so that people don’t get used to the ecchi humor they are being offered. The best part about the series is its rationality. What I mean here is that all the emotional sentiments backed by characters’ actions and decisions are rational and understandable. The search for freedom by the prisoners, betrayal, regrets, the act of attempting a plan for those prisoners, and all other characters with their reason to contribute to the story makes it a rational and precise skit.

Overall, a fun and enjoyable anime that is just for 12 episodes but still lets you live the life of the prisoners by providing a lot of great details to relate to and feel.


Just as you expect, the whole animation in this series focuses on improving the ecchi and humor elements of the show. For example, The Chairman is animated in such a way that looking at his face itself adds up to the comic vibe, and his actions are amazing for enhancing the ‘Weird guy aspects about him.

Very finely animated series with a lot of commendable scenes to appreciate and enjoy. As far as direction is concerned, that’s even more hilarious. All the scenes are executed so deftly that you will enjoy every moment of an episode with laughter and emotions. A great direction by Tsutomu Mizushima.


An amazing blend of naughty yet morally strong and bad and Ignorant characters can be cited in Prison School. Its characters perform the amazon job of making the show much more lively, fun, and interesting. As I have stated earlier, each character has a trait for us to laugh at and enjoy. All the characters are amazingly designed and developed throughout the series.


An effective and intensity enhancing music is always there to back up the scenarios. Humour, anger, happiness, suspense, etc. All emotions are finely portrayed and improved by a nice theme to follow.

Not to mention that the dubbing artists did an exceptional job in this anime. No doubt that the series has prioritized engaging content over anything and the soundtrack department does it well.


Not a major criticism, but after the first half, the series reduces its humor element drastically to improve its plot. There could have been a balance between storyline, emotions, and comedy. Also, minute things such as the fact that the teachers reduce the amount of beating served to other students and other nit-picky aspects were ignored.

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