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Malibu Rescue Season 2 update, Cast, And Everything We Know So Far

Malibu Rescue Season 2 update, Cast
Malibu Rescue Season 2

Netflix released Malibu Rescue movie, back in May 2019. The movie followed a group of teenagers who were at the Malibu Junior Rescue Program. Shortly, after that, the creators of the movie realized that the movie wasn’t enough to capture the entire story. So, they reached an agreement with Netflix in which they agreed to make a series out of it.

The show has been created by Savage Steve Holland, and it has been developed by Jed Elinoff. Jed Elinoff has also worked as a writer on the show along with Scorr McAboy, Molly Haldeman, Thomqs Scott, Camilla Rubis, and Jim Martin. The show is executive produced by Scott Thomas, Jed Elinoff, Kiran Bhakta Joshi, McAboy and Rupak Kayastha.

The first season of the show premiered on June 3, 2019. It is a summer show, and it makes for a nice time to watch something. A lot of people watched the movie, and they have also watched the first season of the show. So, the show has earned itself a pretty good audience. There is no official announcement yet but, we can expect another season of the show. We should most likely get the second season in June 2020. Nothing is concrete yet but, we will keep update this section according.

The cast from the movie was carried over to the television series. There might be a few changes in the next season, but, the main cast should be back. Here is the cast of Malibu Rescue:
Abby Donnelly as Lizzie
Ricardo Hurtado as Tyler
Alkoya Brunson as Eric
Camaron Engels as Spencer
Jeremy Howard as Vooch
Karthik Ash plays the role of Chote Pavey
Ryder Blackburn as Beans
Erin Flannery as Andrew’s mom
Zahf Paroo as Thornton Pavey
Mary Passeri
Brennan Culpepper
Austin Fryberger
Ella Gross
Cindy Mazur
Jeff Meacham
Michael Mourra
JT Neal
Catia Ojeda
Katie Rowe
Bryana Salaz.