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Ark Valguero Update: How To Find Resources In The Game?

It may become somewhat difficult to hunt resources in Ark Valguero’s the new Ark: Survival Evolved Valguero map. But don’t you worry for a second, we have it covered for you all. We’ve prepared an elaborate Ark Valguero Resources Locations Guide that will walk you through the most important locations of all resources and collectibles in the new Ark: Survival Evolved map. Following are some of them.

A. Polymer
This is one of the most located harvest resources. It can be found at :
1. 38.5/34.9 is the starter area on the river coast, where dolphins exist outside the water. You can use a chainsaw and get the polymer.
2. At 18.7/89.1 in the snow biome on the top right corner of the map. Penguins exist there. On the ice plates all over the snow biome.
3. 08.7/79.2, in the Wyvern Scar
4. You can also get it from the crabs in the aberration area.

B. Metals and Gems
As the name suggests, metals are gems on earth everywhere. Hence there isn’t a specific spot for metals and gems. Some of the places where they have been seen are:
1. 38.9/57.6 at an entrance to a cave under a cliff. Enter this cave, and it will lead you to a passageway to keep on going under. Finally, at 29.3/62.2, there will be an opening inside the group.

C. Cactus
Cactus plants exist at rough terrains. They come in all sizes, small and large. The small ones are almost spherical with flowers on top, and the large ones are rods-like erect. If you
scavenge the White Cliff area, you can find a cactus.

D. Raw Salt
1. This can be found at 78.1/90.0, here a canyon sort of area exists, this is surrounded by steep hills all of which are covered in salt.

E. Sulfur
Sulfur is black coal-like solid, but it isn’t solid. It can be found in powder form with sulfur dust, mostly near volcanoes and in Wyvern locations.
1. 08.1/77.1, inside the Wyvern Scar, there is loads of Sulfur.

F. Oil
In oil pumps and drills, it can be dug easily out of the ground.
1. 17.9/88.7, in the snow biome, exists oil.

G. Crystals and Obsidian
Crystals appear in flower-like clusters; Obsidian is a black solid.
1. 81.0/75.1, in the White Cliff area, there are many crystals
2. 14.3/81.9, in the snow biome, crystals exist

H. Pearls
Pearls are seen on floors of water bodies, inside of seashells.
1. 42.6/53.5, the bottom of the river is abundant with peals

Resources such as Fiber, Flint, Wood, Fat, and Stone are also seen on the map.