Detective Conan Episode 908 Reveals the Death of Yuko Akiba: Spoilers and Release Date

Detective Conan episode 908

Detective Conan is one of the well known animated series, and it has been around forever. The fans are deeply in love with this series. Detective Conan Episode 907 aired last week and it was again a very interesting one.

The episode was titled “The J League Bodyguard.” In this episode, we saw one of the players collapsing while playing as he felt pain in his stomach. This was a case of attempted murder, and the case was solved in an interesting manner as we expect from the show Detective Conan.

Detective Conan Episode 908 Spoilers

Now, let us talk about the upcoming episode of Detective Conan. This episode is titled “Friendship Washed Away in the Riverbed.” Let me warn you all from this point onwards the spoilers of the upcoming episode will surely flood your brain, so if you do hate spoilers, then stop reading the post.

Now, that the warning part is out of our way, let us discuss the spoilers in detail. In the upcoming episode, we will see the murder of a young woman known as Yuko Akiba. Her body will be spotted by Kogoro, floating in water near Tokyo Park. Kogoro will swim to retrieve the woman only to find out that she is already dead. It will be confirmed that she has died by drowning.

The first mystery to solve her will be whether the situation is a murder case or she died by accident, or she committed suicide. There will also be some suspects in the eyes of the detective. These will be Juri Matsui and Maria Suzumoto.

The detectives Kogoro, Ran, and Conan, came to the park so that they could have some nice time out, but their detective life seldom lets them have some off time. The spoilers of yet another episode of this series again loom great, so let us see how things unfold in the upcoming episode of Detective Conan. Detective Conan Episode 908 release date is 21 July 2019.

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