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Why Did Kim Young Dae Left School 2021 Kdrama? His Agency Reveals

Kim Young Dae agency reveals reason behind his departure
Kim Young Dae

Kdramas fans and lovers were super excited to see Kim Young Dae in the upcoming Kdrama School series installment, School 2021. The actor was cast in the lead role some months ago. However, he departed from the show two weeks ago due to specific reasons. Until now, the reason was unknown. But, Kim Young Dae’s agency Outer Korea released a statement to list the actual reason behind him leaving the show. A day before that, School 2021 production also shared the actor’s departure.

School 2021 announced earlier that Outer Korea had given them a one-sided notification regarding Young-Dae’s leave. Also, they explained that his departure had affected the drama. School 2021, initially planned as “2020,” will refer to School 2021 and School 2020.

With Kim Young Dae’s drama, the production is looking for a new actor to play the lead role. But, before that, let’s know why Kim Young Dae left School 2021 Kdrama.

Kim Young Dae Leaves School 2021 Kdrama; Agency Reveals the Reason

The main reason behind the departure was some unresolved issues with the production company. In the statement released by Outer Media, they shared that King Media (production company) designed the show for beginning filming in May 2020. however, it could not happen. Due to other issues with the company, filming did not start as planned. Apart from this, Kings Media did not cast more actors, and they didn’t even work on scripts.

Kim Young Dae agency reveals reason behind his departure

Kim Young-Dae

Furthermore, KBS released that they will not broadcast “School 2020.” But Kings Media wanted it to air in August 2021. After a year of no-actions from the Production company and producers, Outer Media decided not to trust their words anymore. Hence, the agency decided to get Kim Young Dae out of the drama.

In their statement, they thank KBS for giving Kim Young Dae the special opportunity to star in the incredible “School” series. But sadly, the two parties could not work together.

Kim Young Dae is known for his roles in Extraordinary You, The penthouse, Cheat On Me If You Can, and others.

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