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Read Sub Zero Chapter 82 Spoilers and Recap

Sub Zero Chapter 82 update
Sub Zero Chapter 82 update

Sub Zero webtoon has been keeping its manga schedules consistent lately, with the newly updated updates. You would remember that at first new chapters were released on Mondays, But now they have shifted to a Sunday update. The latest chapter has been long released, so it is about time we look forward to what would be next.

In this post, we will be talking about the Sub Zero chapter 82 the recap of the latest chapter of the manga released. Let’s take a brief look at how things developed from the last chapter. A caravan was attacked by mercenaries who were tasked with delivering the royal dowry. And this led to the development of some action as chaos ensued all over the scene.

Sub Zero Chapter 82 will be released on Sunday, 09 August 2020. This is a recently updated calendar and will have new chapters released every Sunday. So for the latest updates, you will have to look for new chapters by then. Let us proceed with the latest developments from the last chapter of this webtoon below.

The mercenaries are said to have looted the supplies meant for the villagers and they have easily made their way through the royal gourd that was escorting the supplies. It appears that they were only sent to loot and destroy as they burnt everything else that they were unable to carry.

Back in the royal capital, reports came in that the royal gourd was looking into their whereabouts. All of the involved soldiers in this raid were gravely injured. And the king is wondering if this could be the works of the same group that attacked the palace. But based on their masks, weapons, and attack patterns, it is likely that they are the same group or at least affiliates.

Sub Zero Chapter 82 update

Sub Zero Chapter 82 update

There also have been reports of small uprisings taking place in the north. And now it looks like this was a setup ambush to stop the supplies from getting into the nearby villages. Reports also came in that the Grand Marshal Raizo requested an audience with the king and has proposals about the plans with the current matters.

The crimson troops were also revealed to be marching towards the borders, and this has been creating unrest within the nation. So the prince was planning on pursuing them discreetly as the still have some time to change their plans in the future. Prince, Kyro was planning to leave via the Northern route.

But news came in that the ministers have been waiting for him to talk about the revisions to the new taxation laws. So he had to head there to hear what the ministers have in mind. Well below let us take a look at where you can officially read new chapters of Sub Zero.

You will be able to get new chapters of Sub Zero online every Sunday on its official website Webtoons. You can also use its respective mobile phone app which offers up to three latest chapters of the webtoon for free. So make sure you read from official sources as this will help the manga creators to promote it.