Blindspot Season 5 To Be The Last? Season 4 Ratings Suggest Otherwise

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Blindspot season 5

Blindspot is an inventive crime drama which is produced by NBC. This show seems to head towards the verge of solving its last tattoo case; I say this because the network recently pulled the show from its schedule signaled. But, we were all surprised when NBC ordered that season five of Blindspot will be it’s last. Moreover, some reports say that the last season of Blindspot will have 13 or fewer episodes in it. This was a surprising move as we all know that that this TV show is officially on borrowed time and it is a miracle to see it getting renewed. Moreover, creator Martin Gero lauds said in an Instagram post:

“We’re in this together. All of us.” In 2014 I sketched out a five-season plan for the show. I am beyond grateful that we will be able to properly finish telling this giant, sprawling story. Thank you to our amazing partners at @nbc, the incredible team at @warnerbrostv, our cast, our writers, our crew, and most importantly, YOU. Thank you. We do this for the fans. More coming soon.”

This renewal of the series will allow the show to go out on its terms like a proper ending and everything else. The most recent season’s rating declined slowly but steady and had about 2.8 million viewers. This is something to look up to, as this argues against its cancellation. I hope it convinces NBC to cancel the cancelation, and produce more episodes! Martin Gero, creation Blindspot came to NBC in 2015. This was a thriller in which Jane Doe emerging naked from a duffel bag which is suffering from amnesia and is also fully covered in tattoos.

Moreover, these tattoos are the source of the mystery. Also, the relationship between Jane and Kurt Weller has come to its end, and they are happily married. The season four has been doing the job of carrying the drama after its main storyline has been completed. Hopefully, we will get some insane story from the fifth season, so the fans of the series aren’t disappointed in it.

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