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God of High School Episode 8 Preview, and Spoilers

God of High School

Let’s start by looking at how the GOHS tournament is all about. Park Mujin explains to Han Dawei what the God of High School Tournament is all about. He said that savage god, evil beasts, messengers from heaven, and heroes who changed the world. Those are the beings that your opponents will borrow otherworldly powers from. The powers are beyond human understanding.

The GOHS tournament has finally begun, the first match in group A is between Chungcheong and Seol from the north. The match will be fought as a team tournament consisting of 3 bouts. The first team to take down two opponents wins the match. Mori wants to be the one to open the match and Mira told him to be careful.

This week’s post is about God of High School Episode 8 preview, and recap. Only five-episode left to reach episode finale here we will see what will happen after Mori and his team wins the GOHS. Take a look at the schedule of this Anime below so that you will get new updates in time.

God of High School Episode 8 will be released on Monday, 24 August 2020, at 11:30 PM JST. The new episode of God of High School is released every Monday. Let’s take a look at the recap and preview below. The spoilers of episode 8 are not yet available.

God of High School

God of High School

Previously on God of High School Episode 7

The match begins it is Jin Mori vs Nag Gidong and Mori wants to show his new move that he learned from one of the six. Mori points pressure spots at his body and he became paralyzed. He can’t move because he points the wrong pressure spots and Nag charges towards him. Nag beats Mori into a pulp and win the match Mira is disappointed by Mori’s performance.

Mira told Han that he has to win the next battle or else it is over for them. Now it is Han Daewi and Jim Pum Kwang for the second bout. Jim is 38 years old he is the oldest fighter in the tournament. The teenagers are surprised that there is a high schooler who is 38. Jim said that you are never too old to learn, Jim kept on failing the entrance exam but he did not give up.

He was helped by Jang Jangming who helped him and pass his exam and he helps her train to fight. He used to be a laughing stock back in his past but now he has made it. Meanwhile one of the Nox members has fallen into a trap of Park Mujin’s allies he thought that he has killed the great Q. One of the blondies was in a place of commissioner Q and he gets up.

He fights and defeated all the members of the Nox who then runs away and bomb the building. Back to the tournament, Jim has proven that he is a strong opponent he keeps on thrashing Han. Han decided that he has to win at any cost and Jim unleashes a thor hummer with an aim of ending the fight. Han blocks the attack with the last stance: Azure Dragon. The attack also took down Jim now the match is tied 1:1.

The match between Mira and Jang Jangming will decide which team has won. Jang Jangming knows that Mira’s sword style is more powerful than her sword style. They both clash their sword and Jang uses Charyoek to finish the fight quickly. Mira uses moonlight sword style, no 23  wind willow that breaks her Charyeok sword into pieces. Jang went down and Mira wins the fight meanwhile Park Mujin thinks that there is someone in his allies who is working with the Nox.

God of High School Episode 8 Preview

With the latest preview and all of the updates above, we call it a day by giving you all details above. For more about this Anime, we will be back again next Monday with new updates.