The Walking Dead Season 10 additional episodes will be ‘character-driven’

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The Walking Dead Season 10 New Episode
The Walking Dead Season 10 New Episodes Update

We have almost arrived at the door of The Walking Dead Season 10’s finale, and just the fact that the long wait is coming to an end has got the fans excited. Season 10 arrived last year; however, due to the government’s restrictions and other protocols to combat the pandemic, episode 16 was delayed from its original update. We do have good news for you, as the official team has decided to gift us six more episodes to make up for the long wait.

The episodes’ announcement came early summer, and as per the schedule, the episodes will premiere next year. However, we do have the latest updates that will give you an idea of what to expect. The showrunner Angela Kang described the episode as as “extension of episodes beyond the finale” of season 10.

The Walking Dead Season 10 – Additional Episodes Update

The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 16
The Walking Dead Still

During the AMC’s The Walking Dead Universe Preview Special with Comicbook, Angela Kang revealed that they filmed the additional parts keeping all the safety in mind. Some of them will give the fans more of an anthology vibe. It will also explore the characters and have been designed to revolve around them so fans will get to know a lot about them. It will be a little different from what they have done in the season 10 finale, but Kang hopes that it resonates with the fans, and they enjoy it as much as the team did while making the episodes.

She added that the episodes will give a new dimension to the story and will reveal the deeper aspects of the characters’ lives as they survive through their ordeal. Then, it will eventually lead to the finale of the show (Season 11). Something that fans hope to see is Maggie’s story and what she has been doing all this time, keeping a low profile. 

Earlier, The Walking Dead released a new teaser for episode 16, and things are not looking nice for a particular character. The teaser features our heroes as they prepare to go all out on Beta and his hordes, but Daryl quickly made the gang realize that some of them might not see the light at the end of the tunnel. We have already covered a separate article on the topic, and you can check it out to know more.

The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 16 New Update

Angela Kang also teased fans that the intensity of The Walking Dead Season 10’s finale will heal the wound (the long hiatus) that fans suffered due to the pandemic. In an interview with TV Line, she promised an ‘intense clash’ up ahead and explained that the cold war of the season will now morph into a full-fledged fight with the purpose of ‘mutual destruction.’ Apart from that, a lot of possibilities tying each of the characters will become visible, which will eventually have a significant impact on the finale of the series.

Angela added that the magnitude of the battle would be enormous, as the gang will be facing the size of hoarders that they have never encountered before. Our heroes are at a serious ‘disadvantage.’ But at the same time, they do have a secret weapon in the form of Maggie. Maggie will be returning after a considerable amount of time, will have crucial information that she will use to save her friends, revealed Kang.

The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 16 will air on AMC at 9/8c on 4th October 2020.


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