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Rebirth of The Urban Immortal Cultivator Chapter 178: Spoilers

Rebirth of The Urban Immortal Cultivator Chapter 178 update and Spoilers

In this article, we will take a look at “Rebirth of The Urban Immortal Cultivator” latest chapters recap and discuss more on the upcoming chapters. Chapter 177 was just released today(7th December), and as we take a look at it, Chen Fan was testing out his skills in the woods, making use of the last remaining green mountain rock. As he continued with his experiments, he noticed that to the world he lived in, it is a long distance from the law of emptiness. As he successfully managed to bring the final array of Qinglong to rise, he then focused on taking care of the life fluid of Yuan.

Back at the laboratories, Professor Chen and his team have managed to complete their mass production of Eternity water and had everyone take a break. Although Professor Ding was a little worried that the formula for eternity water might leak, Professor Chen demonstrated that the liquid could not be changed by technology only. With his formula now completed, he then went for negotiations with the military. When he reached the military, he was greeted by General Chen and his assistant as their negotiations were about to begin.

The story takes place during the anti-cataclysm period, where the monk Chen Fanyu fell into the catastrophe of the day. He dreamed of returning to the earth’s young age five hundred years in the past. In his last life, he was on the top of the universe. Overlooking the world, but no one was accompanied. This world can only accept the right person. After 500 years, the immortal reborn and returned to the city to make up for their regrets playing the story of pretending to be a weak person.

Chapter 178 will see the beginning of Professor Chen and the military over his acquired Eternal Water. The water would be of great use to the military as Professor Chen and his team have successfully managed to mass-produce it. The water itself can be dangerous if it falls in the wrong hands. And with other people who seek it out there, this could lead to more conflicts.

Rebirth of The Urban Immortal Cultivator’s novel releases two chapters in a frequency of once every three days. The novel is not widely available in popular manga websites, but it has few sites that are always up to date. This Makes Chapter 178 and 179 to be available around Tuesday the 10th of December.