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Laid-Back Camp Season 2 Returning Cast, Updates So Far!

After a gap of almost two years, Laid-Back Camp has finally announced the date of the premiere of the second season. Inspired by the Japanese slice-of-life manga franchise that has been penned down and illustrated by Afro, it has been confirmed that Laid-Back Camp Season 2 will start broadcasting from January 7, 2021, on the AT-X channel. The viewers in Japan will be able to watch the show on Tokyo MX, Sun TV, BS11, YBS, SBS, Hokkaido TV, and KBS Kyoto. The show has been licensed and co-financed by Chrunchyroll in North America and by Medialink in South-Eastern Asia. The first season of the series premiered on January 4, 2018, and concluded in March 2020, after airing a total of twelve episodes, excluding the three OVAs.

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The series has also come up with a short anime, a spin-off from the original series, known as ‘Heya Camp,’ that has aired from January this year till March. In spring 2021, the second season of the live-action drama is going to premiere as well, whose first season arrived in January 2020. It seems like the makers of the series have no intention to stop since they have a virtual reality video game under development, which is also based on this series, which will be launched next winter. In ‘Laid-Back Camp Special Event,’ we are going to see the appearance of the four major cast members, at Tokyo’s Yomiuri Hall, in April 2021. Those who have already bought the Blu-ray Discs and DVDs of the anime can put the application forms included there to use, and begin to apply for the event tickets in advance.

Laid-Back Camp Season 2 Release

Laid-Back Camp Season 2: Promotional Poster

Laid-Back Camp Season 2 Cast and Crew Details

The first season of the series casts Yumiri Hanamori giving voice to the character, Nadeshiko Kagamihara; Nao Tôyama, voicing over Rin Shima’s character; Sayuri Hara, voicing over Chiaki Ogaki’s character; Aki Toyosaki, voicing over Aoi Inuyama’s character and Rie Takahashi, voicing over the character of Ena Saito. Akio Ôtsuka as Rin Shima’s Grandfather, who has also served as the narrator; Marina Inoue as Sakura Kagamihara; Shizuka Itô as Minami Toba; Kaori Mizuhashi as Saki Shima; and Risae Matsuda as Akari Inuyama have also been a part of the first season.

Second Season of Laid-Back Camp

A Still from Laid-Back Camp

According to the sources, Laid-Back Camp Season 2 is going to have a few new characters, including Ayano Toki, who will be voiced over by Tomoyo Kurosawa. The opening theme song, titled as ‘Seize the Day,’ will be performed by Asaka, just as the first season of Laid-Back Camp, along with Eri Sasaki, who had performed the ending song, ‘Haru no Tonari’. As far as the direction is concerned, Laid-Back Camp Season 2 has brought back Yoshiaki Kyougoku to direct the season, who has also directed hit animes like ‘Tokyo Ghoul unit,’ and ‘Basketball and Robotics’. Jin Tanaka will be responsible for the scripts again, along with Mutsumi Sasaki, who will be serving as the designers of the characters. The music will be composed by Akiyuki Tateyama again, at MAGES.

About Laid-Back Camp

The story revolves around the adventures of a high school student, Nadeshiko, who has relocated to Yamanashi from Shizuoka and decides to see the famous Mount Fuji. However, she is bound to turn back towards her home when the weather starts to worsen after she bikes all her way to Motosu. Owing to the bad weather conditions, she faints in the path and wakes up at night only to find that she has been stuck in an entirely new place, without having any knowledge of the returning route. She comes across Rin, who is a girl, camping by herself. She saves Nadeshiko, and then the adventure of both of them begins.