Midnight Suns MARVELous Review

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Marvel has rarely disappointed their fans and this time, the gamers are in huge luck. The developer of Marvel’s Midnight Sun worked day in and day out to make sure a dying person could play the game early. You can purely expect this game to be a marvel!

The plot of Marvel’s Midnight Suns takes influence from the 1990s Rise of the Midnight Sons comic book series, in which characters like Blade, Morbius, and Ghost Rider band together to battle a freshly revived Lilith and her army of monsters. However, the game from Firaxis Games features more characters from the ongoing Midnight Suns story, including Wolverine, Magik, and Nico Minoru.

The game departs from the tenet of the source that you require a squad of demons to take down a beast by making these adjustments. Rather, it is a tale about the strength of a group of outcasts’ relationship, which is developed and strengthened through conflict as much as via conventional social situations. Midnight Suns is a fantastic turn-based tactical combat game that is driven by engaging people. 

The beginning of Midnight Suns finds the Avengers in a difficult situation: Lilith, who is still in charge of an army of HYDRA soldiers and demonic offspring engaged in a battle against humanity, has brought about the foretold return of an eldritch god, which is about to happen.

Because the Avengers are ill-equipped to deal with such a magical danger, they resort to Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch for assistance. Strange explains the other strategy to the Midnight Suns, a group of teenage heroes with unique magical, supernatural, or demonic abilities, after their initial attempt to defeat Lilith fails.

midnight Suns Lilith
Midnight Suns Lilith; Credits: YouTube

Midnight Suns MARVELous: Plot

The Hunter, who you play, steps in to help with that. Because you’re Lilith’s offspring, you have amazing magical skills, which enabled you to beat her 30 decades ago. You and Lilith were both killed in that final battle, and just as HYDRA was able to revive your mother, so too are the Midnight Suns capable of doing the same for you. The Avengers also decide to establish a shop in The Abbey, the Midnight Suns’ headquarters, to join the battle against Lilith because they are not happy to leave the fate of the universe up to everyone else.

While Marvel’s Midnight Suns do not innovate with the type of plot, it does produce a lot of intriguing moments throughout its 45-hour length. From the viewpoints of individuals who have suffered with physical demons their entire lives, superheroes such as Iron Man and Captain America take comfort in their battles with their metaphorical demons.

What happens when Robbie Reyes, a Ghost Rider directly affected by the wrongdoings of Stark Industries that Tony has deliberately ignored, meets Tony Stark, who is fully aware of his alcoholism and believes he has accepted all of the bad life choices he has made through and the good he has managed to accomplish as Iron Man? All these questions are asked and answered by the game making it intriguing. 

Midnight Suns Iron Man; Credits: YouTube
Midnight Suns Iron Man; Credits: YouTube

The team’s combat operations versus Lilith and her troops contain a more satisfying level of intricacy. Each operation is designed around a turn-based strategic combat system where you direct the position, assaults, and defenses of your players even before the opponent strikes you, and afterward, you react in turn.

Midnight Suns MARVELous Review

With Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Firaxis Games’ work on the XCOM series switches out warriors and aliens for heroes and monsters, and there is a great representation of that work here. It’s not precisely a 1:1 copy, though. Character attacks and powers never miss their target, unlike XCOM; enemies cannot reduce the likelihood that you will strike them. This ensures that, during a single round, your activities will go exactly as you want and that the heroes you are playing constantly appear as awesome as they are portrayed in other media.

The game does a fantastic job at making sure you change things up as well. Heroes can become hurt if they sustain excessive damage during a mission or sustain repeated wounds throughout a string of missions, so it’s ideal to regularly switch up who you’re sending into the next battle.

Additionally, an auto-leveling mechanism makes sure that the heroes you don’t use as frequently never fall too far behind, even if you decide to push through with anybody you want, which is entirely doable; it will just be difficult only to utilize damaged characters.

There are many wonderful aspects of Marvel’s Midnight Suns. A deck-building card mechanism in the combat ensures that the player is challenged by randomness rather than becoming frustrated by it. Additionally, the various missions and available characters ensure that fighting remains engaging for many hours.

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