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Sons Of The Forest: Everything You Need To Know

Son Of The Forest details
Son Of The Forest (Credits: Endnight Games)

The Forest is an open-world survival game that recently released in 2018 after being in Early Access for four years. The wait was worth it and on it got a lot of positive reviews which made it very popular. There are building mechanics in the game in which you can build your home and defensive things like a wall, traps and etc. Your enemies in these games are cannibals which are trying to kill you and there weird creatures that will send chills down your spine.

Son Of The Forest

Son Of The Forest (Credits: Endnight Games)

In all the game was pretty successful and now a sequel incoming that is called Son of The Forest. This game was first shown during The Game Award 2019 and only a trailer was shown of the game. In the trailer, we can see creepy monsters in which includes some new ones like the one that doesn’t have eyes.

Furthermore, in the trailer, we can also see some NPCs with us which are from the army or something like that. The game I think is taking place on the same island where the first game took place. Hopefully, this game will be more narrative-focused, character dialogue and a more Interactive world.