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Apex Legends Season 4: Characters, Battle Pass, and All We Know So Far

The countdown has started for the fourth season, and fans are out to question the updates and new characters who will be joining the battle. Season 3 had given everything that the fans could ask for, but fans would not stop asking about what will come out of the next season. Respawn Entertainment will try to bring some impressive alterations and might change the map.

Theof Apex Legends Season 4

The fourth season of Apex Legends will begin on 4 February 2020, which is the one year anniversary of the game’s release. The expectations were that season four would get out in December, but it got extended.

This gap was probably given to provide some rest to the developers, and now that the holidays will get over, players will be excited to play the game more than before.

The characters of Apex Legends Season 4

In the previous seasons, we got introduced to Octane, Wattson, and Crypto. The fourth season is also looking forward to adding some exciting characters, but we cannot say for sure about who will be joining the team right now.

In the last season, we had got some leaks of new characters, but in the fourth season, we haven’t gotten any hints.

Battle pass and some other additions

New weapons have been introduced, such as the L-Star and Charge Rifle, and many more will be joining in the future. We have not many weapons out, so we have to wait for a little.

The battle pass cost 950 Apex Coins, and this time, it would be 1000 coins. It will cost approximately $10. That is pretty much everything we know about the game till now and are looking forward to updating you once we get more news. Fans cannot wait two more months, now that they know about the new additions and want to try the new features as soon as possible.