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The Righteous Gemstone’s first season is already ended. HBO is very fond of what they make. This season consists of total Nine episodes. This comedy series was the collaboration of the three named Danny McBride, Jody Hill and David Gordon Green. Starring McBride as their corrupt televangelist family. This season of the righteous gemstone is a combination of absurdism, mystery, and a little bit of morality.

Righteous Gemstone season 2, which is announced. But due to all the conflict received by season 1, they can follow the path of the gemstone family to redemption. This season ended on a note that Jesse eventually will join his son in Haiti to do missionary work. Kelvin will reunite wth his not-so Boyfriend Keefe. After all this, due to a lightning strike, Baby Billy will start their revival service with Tiffany, and on the other hand, Judy is now with Bj.

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But what about the Devil’s Death?. its a mystery now also. There is a chance that they will show some connection of Devils Death with the religion and anybody hardly matters. But this is The Gemstone family, anything can happen.

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Anycasting update is not there as the last season done quite well, so hardly anybody will leave the show. Watching season one, it feels like some characters like Keefe and Reverand will be expanded. But it is very earlier to predict anything.

The Righteous Gemstones Season 2 Release Date

There is a question regarding season 2 So definitely, season 2 will come very soon. But dates are not here As they are planning for next year’s summer. After the loss of two series named Game Of Thrones and Veep, HBO is planning to fill that space with some more enjoyable set. And good news regarding this is that the Righteous Gemstone is gaining viewership more frequently, so that’s a good sign for HBO.