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Beach Hunters Season 7: update, Plot, and Cast Details

Beach Hunters Season 7: update

Beach Hunters is a reality TV series that first came out on 21 August 2016 on HGTV. The show was a spin-off of House Hunters. It revolves around couples who want to have a house of their dreams close to a beach. Many people want to stay away from the chaotic city life, and some love the beaches, the sand, the sun, and water. The feature of such a beach house is that the demands are high, supply is limited, and the budget is high as well. The show has made six seasons already, and fans are ready for a seventh one.

Who is the cast in Beach Hunters?

The announcer of the show is Michael P. Greto. He is an actor and writer, who is best known for his work in Naruto and Bleach: Buruchi. He is expected to return for the seventh season as well. The narrator of the show is Brian West. It is still not confirmed if Brian will narrate in season seven.

What is the plot of Beach Hunters about?

The show follows the procedure of buying a new property. We get to know the demands of the buyers and the checklists that they want for their dream house. We explore the different houses through them and the process of how they make the final choice along with proper negotiation and purchase.

People often want to enjoy the activities with the kids, but it is never easy to find the ideal beach house. They also compromise sometimes in the hope that they will be creative and make the house just like their dream home. We come across various couples and families as they want to buy a new house and explore their options.

When is Beach Hunters Season 7 update?

The last season came out on 13 October 2019 and had 16 episodes in total. Season 6 ended recently, so we have to wait a bit for the seventh season. Our best bet is that it will come out in August 2020. Stay tuned to get further updates on this from us, we will update this post as we have any new information.