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MasterChef Junior Season 8: Plot, Cast and update Details

MasterChef Junior Season 8
MasterChef Junior Season 8

An American Cooking Competition, MasterChef Junior, is based on Junior MasterChef (UK) series and is aired on Fox channel. The script of the show is written by Robin Ashbrook and gives an opportunity to middle school students to showcase their cooking talent. Ben Adler, Eden Gaha, and Paul Franklin are the executive producers of the series.

The contestants of the show, who are children between the age-group of 8-13 years, apply for an audition, get selected for the competition, and compete with each other to win the MasterChef Junior trophy and grand cash prize. The main purpose of the series is to promote the art of cooking among the young generation.

The series has been immensely popular over the years and has enjoyed seven successful seasons. Now, all eyes are fixed for the eighth edition of MasterChef Junior.

What is MasterChef Junior Season 8 Plot?

The show follows a simple format and focuses mainly on healthy competition among the participants. The children of the prescribed age group can apply for the audition either online or through call agents. They need to submit videos of their cooking skills to get shortlisted. Out of the array of applicants, only twenty-four are chosen for the audition who is divided into groups of three. Out of the eight groups so formed, only four make it to the competition.

The number of participants narrows down as the series proceeds, and the last kid standing is declared as the winner of MasterChef Junior Trophy. He also bags a whooping $100,000 cash prize along with the memorable experience gained in the competition.

The standout feature of the show is the culinary skills and dedication brought by the budding talents. The kids are no less than their adult counterparts in MasterChef series; they display top-notch cooking and excellent presentation. They cook up a storm and a present a heaven.

The small cooks prepare a variety of dishes, courses, and cuisines, which include appetizers, mains, and cuisines. Their ingenuity and creativity are put to the ultimate test in this Fox aired show.

The series also witnesses wholesome interactions between contestants and judges, and such a friendly atmosphere helps breed interest among the middle school children about the art of cooking.

Season 8 is expected to be more engaging and will show more healthy competition for food and love. They will cook what you eat, and you will tell them who they are. So, get ready!

Who is MasterChef Junior Season 8 Cast?

The judges of the show are declared before every season, but the profile of the participants remains undisclosed as they form a part of the competition only when they are selected. The first four seasons of the show comprised Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich, and Graham Eliot as the judges.

However, Season 7 saw two new judges, Aarón Sanchez and Christina Tosi, in the panel, keeping Ramsay constant.

We are expecting The Chew co-host Daphne Oz to join the judging panel along with Ramsay in Season 8. Judges are mostly friendly and participative in the show considering the needs of the participants.

When is MasterChef Junior Season 8 update?

Season 8 of the MasterChef Junior is expected to premiere on May 2020 on Fox Channel. We will keep you updated with the latest developments.