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Little Miss P Live Movie Adaption Is On The Way

According to the sources, Little Miss Manga will be Adapted into a live action movie. The Monthly Comic Bean in its March Issue reported that the said manga is going to be adapted into a live action movie.

However it didn’t declare anything about the nature of the upcoming movie, but it has lots of curious manga fans on hold. Without making any revelation about the forthcoming live-action film, the magazine had told its readers to wait till further information. With the above statement of the said magazine, it hard for us to predict what the upcoming manga inspired movie will comprise of.

Would it be a zombie action movie? Or a regular action movie? Nothing can be said about this until further information about the upcoming film is unveiled. The Yen Press Licensed manga made it to the list of top manga for female readers.

The Manga was initially published with the title Tshukiichi! Seiri- Chan on the Omocoro website, later on, the compiled version was published by Kadokawa with the title Seiri- Chan.

It’s getting the Manga fans excited; as the manga, Little Miss P already has its fan base. The Adapted movie naturally will attract the already formed fan base of Little Miss P. It is sort of suspense for the fans what will the film be comprised of.

The Manga suggests Little Miss P time travels, harrases, abuses and comforts women in her weird, unique way. It will be a real treat for us what a live action movie of this manga will be like.