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Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 8 2019 Air Date And Episodes

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Season 8

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is the second installment of the Live & Hip Hop television franchise. The show premiered all way back on June 18, 2012, on VH1. The show’s main focus is on the lives of several people in Atlanta who are involved with hip hop music. VH1 has continued to renew the show every year to ensure that the fans can see new episodes of their favorite television series.

The teaser for Love and Hip Hop Atlanta dropped a while ago. The teaser gave the fans a small idea of what is going to happen in the new season of the show. In the teaser, we could see some of the older stars of the show, and they are expected to come back for the new season. We saw Mimi Faust, Scrapp DeLeon, Tokyo Vanity and Stevie J. Theof the eighth season has been out for a while. The show premiered on March 25, 2019.

The show has always been a subject of controversy. Love & Hip Hop Atlanta revolves on the everyday lives of men and women. The first seasons of the series revealed how six women dealt with their professional struggles. Two of these women are girlfriends to some popular R&B artists while the other four girls are aspiring recording artists.

Despite the controversy surrounding the show, I would say that the show is worth a try and if you are interested in watching the show, now is a good time to start watching it.